I am as comfortable speaking to a handful of people in a living room as a crowd in a convention center or a large congregation in a church sanctuary. I have taught music at a kids’ summer camp, a Biblical Literature course as an adjunct professor at a university, and everything in between. I am available for preaching and speaking, including leading retreats, teaching workshops, and giving talks on topics of interest. ​

Some of my areas of interest include:
Worship & the Arts
Worship design
Music in worship
Praying Scripture
Sacred vs. secular
Transcending style
Worship as formation
Missions & Evangelism
Toxic charity
​Millennials & church
​Postmodern evangelism
​Intentional community
Interreligious dialogue
Doubt and disbelief
Health & Justice
Mental health
Substance use / recovery
Harm reduction
Human sexuality
Race & privilege
Disability & disease

Below are a few samples of sermons and talks I have given in recent years.